…and the solid-fuel Sajil-2 surface-to-surface missile, with a range of 1,200 miles will sure come in handy then!

OK, first watch this video clip where General Ataollah Salehi, general commander of the Iranian army states that Iran will only need 11 days “to wipe Israel out of existence.”

Add to that today’s news that Iran successfully test-fired their new advanced solid-fuel Sajil-2 surface-to-surface missile, with a range of 1,200 miles, enough to hit Israel, Southern Europe and US Mediterranean bases with great accuracy, and you might think that the situation looks pretty grim for tiny, little, embattled Israel, right?

Well you would be wrong! First of all, did you check out those stupid looking bargain basement baseball caps those Iranian Generals were wearing? Clearly, whatever advances an Iranian Army would make in a battle against the IDF would only be occasioned by the hysterical laughing fits that Israeli troops would suffer as a result of seeing an advancing Army that looked like a special education class on its way to an outing. Furthermore, all this stuff about scary nuclear armed Iranians attacking Israel is just bullshit cooked up by shady dual-allegiance Jewish neocons. None of that stuff is true. Mahmud Ahmadinejad is a benevolent and beloved leader simply tending to his peoples’ energy needs. “Iran has not launched a war against a neighbor in generations and isn’t about to start now.” (can you guess where this quote came from? 10 points to the first correct answer!) Their government is a fun loving regime that just wants to live in peace.

No really!

Also, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton stated today that Iran can’t have nukes:

“That is not going to be in the interest of Iranian security,” Clinton added. “At the same time, we see a growing recognition among a group of countries that they do not want to see this reality take place.”

Phew. OK. I’m gonna sleep easier tonight now!

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  • I’m sure that Barack Obama will protect you when he forces Israel to give up it’s nukes and creates utopia in the middle east by talking and apologizing to Iran, you know, because there are so many more anti-Semites in the Republican party of course. American Jews = Suckers. 🙂

  • What I don’t understand is how so many people in the world don’t know their history! Nothing is new and this certainly isn’t.

    For example, the arabs want Jerusalem as their capitol and people actually think they are entitled! Does anyone know the history of Jerualem ?

  • How can we expect people to know the history of Jerusalem if our brain dead president doesn’t even know the history of the United States, much less the failure of Communism? It’s amazing how many people don’t even know what the hammer and sickle stand for. Pathetic and totally understandable why he’s our president now.

  • Rav Google tells me that quote was from the Tikkun Olam blog, in the post on NYT’s coverage of Bibi.

    What do I win? Replacement of the tomatoes?

  • Some of us should be less honest about our research methods and pretend to be clairvoyant like everyone else.

  • Precisely. Well, actually, I guessed because ck has a history with that website and to a smaller degree, thankfully, so do I.