Silly Lebanese

Who cares about concepts like “sovereignty” when Arab honor is on the line? So what if an armed force directed by Syria and Iran has made Lebanon its little bitch? Lebanon has flat out said that it cannot even ask Hezballah to disarm. Why? Because it is too busy defending Arab honor by breaking the Guiness Book of World Records record for the biggest plate of hummus. Previously held by Arab Israelis from the village of Abu Gosh, the new record involved a plate of hummus made by 300 Lebanese chefs in the village of al-Fanar weighing in at 11.5 tons. That’s 23,042 pounds or 10,452 kg – more than double the previous record.

Today the Lebanese are going to attempt to set the world felafel record as well. Good luck and don’t forget to send Hezballah strongman Hassan Nassrallah a care package to whatever rat hole he’s hiding in now. Bon appetit!

Hat tip: Religion and State

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