Self inflicted wounds: Ramat Shlomo debacle; Dubai hit debacle; keeping Chomsky out debacle; Goldstone Report debacle (absence of credible response to Goldstone to this day despite months since his report was released); Lebanon 2006 debacle; flotilla debacle.

Iran, in the meantime, which should be the ONLY thing, other than negotiating with the Palestinians, on the Israeli government’s plate, has managed to acquire sufficient fuel for two nuclear bombs. Would anybody like to guess how many nuclear bombs it takes to destroy central Israel?

Of course, who needs nukes when one has a proxy army with tens of thousands of sophisticated rockets aimed at every important target inside Israel?

Talk about ineffective governing.

Has the current Netanyahu government or its Olmert government predecessor actually achieved anything other than shooting themselves in the foot over and over?
*Have they protected Israel from Lebanon and Syria’s violations of UNSCR 1701? No.
*Have they made any serious headway in stopping the Iranian race to a bomb? Only a little bit, apparently through effective intelligence operations, but in the bigger picture, no.
*Have they been able to neutralize the growing boycott movement or prevent further isolation from western countries? No. On both counts the situation today is far worse than a few years ago.
*Has Israel been supportive of Jewish students who are under attack on campuses across the world because of Israeli policies? No. In fact, these days they are even speaking about not sending out Israeli speakers to university campuses any more.
*Has Israel been supportive of Jewish diaspora communities? No. The communities are in dire financial straits with a key failure being the education of younger Jews. However, Israel continues to accept half of the UJF/UJA contributions every year instead of refusing those funds – hundreds of millions of dollars – so Diaspora communities can funnel the money to Jewish education and other needs.

Each of these issues, in one way or another, is an existential issue for Israel and yet the list is full of failures.

I write this as a supporter of Israel: Dear Israeli government, please stop making things easier for your enemies and for ours. Most important, please stop with the self-inflicted wounds, because these stupid incidents, one after the other, are preventing you from dealing with the most dangerous foe you’ve got right now: Iran.

UPDATE: Leon Panetta, head of the CIA, has stated that Iran has enough enriched uranium for two bombs.

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