Rabbi Rabbit? (Cred: National Lampoon, 2009)

On Thursday, many in Asia and across Earth are celebrating a new lunar year. Among the Chinese, the year 4708 has commenced. As I rode the subway, this morning, I overheard someone saying that 4708 (2011) is the Year of the Rabbi. Although I may have misheard.

For more information, I checked with the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Israel, but they were closed. I checked with the Yin Yang Restaurant in Tel Aviv, and Red China on Dizengoff, but they were too busy to take my call. I placed a call to Ohel Rachel in Shanghai, but they were in the middle of morning prayers. I should have tried Kehillat Beijing and the Ahavat Yitzhak Hebrew School in BeiJing

Maybe there is still time to attend the Shabbat Dinner for Rosh Chodesh in Singapore to hear from some rabbi(s) about their reflection on this new year of the rabbi? I will post more info in the comments below as I learn more

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  • Kung Hei Fat Choi (Happy New Year) from Asian Jewish Life in Hong Kong. You are correct- it is the Year of the Rabbit (Chinese zodaics were not effected by the recent changes to other zodiac signs). At Asian Jewish Life, we are busy putting together our first anniversary issue- taking time off to see a Lion Dance or two.

  • Oh Erica! How exciting. please give our regards to the Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival, and to everyone up near the Bishop Lei hotel (Jcc, and synagogues). One of the best kiddushes I had was in a sukkah in HK.

    PS. Where’s my red envelope?

  • Silly Rabbi, Trix are for kids!

    On auspicious times like these, I wish rabbits were kosher. They’re cute, fury and fun to play with but also look look yummy and delicious. However, wouldn’t you know it, they are also traif! Oh well. I’ll have to manage my celebrations with chocolate bunnies and some fortune cookies. Happy New Year.

  • Lol its something new for me… i wouldn’t ever think that someone celebrate jewish year of the rabbi 🙂