That means they make really good wine.

The press release from the Vinitaly International Wine Competition couldn’t be any clearer, even though it’s slight awkwardness testified to the fact that it was originally written in Italian and then translated later into English: “And the best wine producer in the world … comes from Israel. The 2011 edition of the International Wine Competition rewarded the Golan Heights Winery – a relatively young reality founded in 1983 at Katzrin (Israel). It is the first time that the Gran Vinitaly Special Award has been assigned by the jury to an Israeli wine-maker.” The 105 jury members selected The Golan Winery out of a competitive group of over 1,000 wine-makers from 30 countries around the world.

Israeli wine sure has come a long way! And I know that some people find it impossible to believe that a kosher, Israeli wine can be any good, but seriously, who are you going to trust more? Some Jew, maybe 1 or 2 generations removed from the shtetl, who thinks that he has good taste because he watched “Sideways” or a group of internationally respected Oenophiles who have wine appreciation in their DNA? In any case, I expect our snooty Jews to come around because, heck, if the goyim like it then it must be good! All you BDS suckahs are really missing out – make sure to buy lots and lots of delicious kosher Israeli wine for your Seder table this Passover!

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