Look. I grew up in the diaspora. The young Jews I was used to looked like doughy teenagers well into their 30’s. Now that I live in Jerusalem, I need to be reminded that those big tough guys and gals walking around with assault rifles and driving Hummers and Tanks are, essentially, mostly teenagers. Luckily, the combination of Adar, the upcoming holiday of Purim, and Internet memes remind me that this country is defended by children. Stupid kids who, but for the conflict and our perilous existence, would be tramping all over my g_d damned lawn and making a ruckus ALL THE TIME. Thankfully, they still have time to be goof balls on occasion. Here’s a Tank crew doing the Harlem Shake. Commanding officers who may be watching this? Please note that even in the midst of the mayhem the boys are cleaning their Merkava’s canon. Just sayin… Or mobile artillery or whatever that beast is…

UPDATE: Oops! Looks like this otherwise well planned video was taken down because of a copyright violation (???) so here are some more IDF Harlem Shakes:

There are more… Oy.

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